Paid Parental Leave

Paid time off to welcome a child to your family.

Paid Parental Leave supports families as they grow.

As of February 5, 2023, all U.S. full-time exempt Team Members are eligible for Paid Parental Leave (PPL) to support families after the birth, adoption, surrogacy or legal placement of a child. The policy covers birthing mothers and all eligible non-birthing parents, including dads and domestic partners as well.

How the PPL Program Works

Program Features
Waiting period from hire date
None, as long as qualifying event occurred on or after February 5, 2023
Benefit amount
Up to 8 weeks of full pay1 for each parent/guardian Team Member
Application process

Apply directly with Matrix using existing leave process and documentation requirements

Concurrent policies
PPL hours are applied to any qualifying paid or unpaid family and medical leaves, unless otherwise dictated by applicable federal, state, provincial or local law If applicable and approved, PPL for birth mothers covered by Michaels Short-Term Disability (STD)2 is paid concurrently3 through the first 8 weeks of PPL
1. This is your usual pay rate in effect when you first became disabled. It does not include bonuses, overtime pay, extra benefits or compensation.
2. The STD benefit will be paid based on the duration of disability. Generally, the duration for maternity disability is up to 6 weeks following a normal delivery and up to 8 weeks following a C-section.
3. STD is not available in California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Washington or New Jersey.

Using PPL hours

  • PPL time cannot be used before the birth or effective date of the event (unless required by applicable laws); time off needed before the date should be covered by other types of paid leave, e.g., personal, vacation or sick time.
  • Team Members have a choice to use all paid leave, and/or PPL in accordance with Company policies and applicable laws.
  • PPL will be paid first and then the Team Member can elect to use sick, personal and vacation hours.
  • PPL hours are available throughout the first year following the qualifying event, not just immediately after birth or placement.
  • Covered Team Members receiving STD benefits for the birth of a child must fully exhaust those benefits before requesting the remaining PPL balance within first year following the event.
  • For Team Members not receiving STD pay, full PPL balance available for use as needed throughout child’s first year with the family.
  • PPL may be used more than once, but not within the same 12-month period, unless required by applicable law.
  • Where applicable, PPL follows the same 12-month, rolling backward period as U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave.


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