401(k) Plan

Your Guide to the Michaels 401(k) Retirement Plan with Voya Financial

Confirm Your Mailing Address in Workday

Make sure your mailing address is up-to-date in Workday so that you don’t miss any upcoming mailings about the Voya 401(k) plan transition. You will receive a PIN in the mail that you’ll be required to have in order to register and access your Voya account.

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Saving for Your Retirement

Today, becoming financially prepared for your retirement is more important than ever. We partner with Voya Financial® to bring you an enhanced experience for the Michaels Stores, Inc. Employees 401(k) Plan, previously administered by Vanguard.

Account Access & Support

Visit the Plan website to enroll in the plan, make changes to your account, and obtain forms or information.

  • You will always need your PIN to speak with a Voya customer service associate about your account, to make a transaction, and/or to make automated transactions.
  • You can make automated transactions 24 hours a day.

Voya Retire App

Download the Voya Retire app to access a simplified version of the website.

Need Help?

If you need assistance, call Voya at 833-39M-401K (833-396-4015). Voya customer service associates are available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, except on stock market holidays. Spanish-speaking associates are also available.

Helpful Resources

Go Live – Activate Your Voya Account

Log in to Your Voya Account


Voya 401(k) Trainings

All Team Members can access the following Voya trainings regardless of their 401(k) participation status.

Transition Information

For Team Members who had a 401(k) plan administered by Vanguard, your account details – including your investments, contribution elections, beneficiaries and loans – were automatically transitioned to Voya. You will have access to your historical plan information at vanguard.com for two (2) years following the transition: for assistance with this information, call Vanguard at 800‑523‑1188.

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Plan Overview


Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time team members who are 21 years of age and over are eligible to participate on their first day of employment.
  • Part-time team members who are 21 years of age and over are eligible to participate after they have completed 500 hours of service.

Contribution Limits

You may contribute up to 80% of your eligible compensation* on a pre-tax, Roth, or after-tax basis. Please note: your after-tax contribution may not exceed 10% of your eligible compensation and your total contribution may not exceed 80%. If you are age 50 or older in the calendar year and you have reached the IRS contribution limit, your contributions will “spillover” for additional catch-up contributions up to the annual IRS annual limit*.

Voluntary Rate Escalator

Increasing your contributions on a regular basis may help you reach your savings goals faster. The Contribution Rate Escalator can automatically increase your contributions on a schedule you select. You can choose the increase percentage and how often it takes effect. You can change the settings or turn off rate escalation at any time.

Employer Match

Michaels Stores will match 100% up to the first 3% plus 50% on the next 2% of your eligible compensation. This contribution is an employer matching contribution.

  • Please note that Michaels provides a true-up match in case you meet your IRS contribution early in the year.
  • Full-time team members are eligible for the match after completing three months of service.

Note: After-tax contributions are NOT eligible to receive the company match.

Vesting & Rollovers


To be vested is to own the money in your account. You’re 100% vested in your own contributions, employer matching contributions, rollover contributions, and any investment earnings on those contributions.


Balances from eligible retirement savings plans, such as a previous employer’s plan, may be rolled into your Plan account. Consolidating multiple retirement accounts may make it easier to manage your savings because your money is all in one place. Go the Plan website to download a Rollover-in form.

Investment Options & Advice

Investment Options

The Plan offers a range of Target Date Funds and Individual Core Funds. You can elect to invest in any fund or combination of funds, your choices should be made in increments of 1% and the total equals 100%. You may change your investment options at any time.

Investment Advice

Investment advice is offered through Voya Retirement Advisors** (VRA), powered by Edelman Financial Engines®. With VRA, you can receive investment advice by speaking to a VRA Investment Advisor Representative, using Online Advice, or enrolling in Professional Management.

Automatic Account Rebalancing

The value of your funds may go up and down over time which can cause your asset allocation to change, that is, your percentage in stocks, bonds, and cash. This could affect your investment objectives and risk level. Automatic rebalancing can help to maintain your preferred asset allocation percentages.

You can set your account to automatically rebalance quarterly, semi-annually, annually or on a one-time basis. If you manually change your investment elections or move money from one fund to another, automatic rebalancing will stop, and you will need to reset it to continue to have your account rebalanced. You can start, stop, or change the frequency of automatic rebalancing at any time.


This plan offers in-plan Roth conversion. However, you must call Voya to make this election.

For assistance with electing in-plan Roth conversion, call Voya at 833-39M-401K (833-396-4015). Voya customer service associates are available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, except on stock market holidays. Spanish-speaking associates are also available.

*Contributions are subject to annual IRS limits. Visit voyadelivers.com/IRSlimits for current limits.

**Advisory Services provided by Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC (VRA). VRA is a member of the Voya Financial (Voya) family of companies. For more information, please read the Voya Retirement Advisors Disclosure Statement, Advisory Services Agreement, and your plan’s Fact Sheet. These documents may be viewed online by accessing the advisory services link(s) through your plan’s website. You may also request these from a VRA Investment Advisor Representative by calling your plan’s information line. Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (FEA) acts as a sub advisor for Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC. Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (FEA) is a federally registered investment advisor. Neither VRA nor FEA provides tax or legal advice. If you need tax advice, consult your accountant or if you need legal advice consult your lawyer. Future results are not guaranteed by VRA, FEA or any other party and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Edelman Financial Engines® is a registered trademark of Edelman Financial Engines, LLC. All other marks are the exclusive property of their respective owners. FEA and Edelman Financial Engines, L.L.C. are not members of the Voya family of companies. ©2024 Edelman Financial Engines, LLC. Used with permission.
Nothing in this communication should be construed as constituting financial or tax advice. You are encouraged to consult with your personal financial planner and/or tax advisor.

Plan administrative services are provided by Voya Institutional Plan Services, LLC (VIPS). VIPS is a member of the Voya® family of companies.

This is a brief, non-technical description of certain provisions of the Plan. It is not intended to be a complete statement. If a description in this summary differs from the Plan documents, the Plan documents prevail. For additional information regarding the Plan, please refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD).