Cigna Oral Health Program

What is the Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program?

It’s a program that reimburses out-of-pocket costs for preventive dental treatments to combat dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. The program is for people with certain medical conditions with a higher risk of oral health issues. There’s no additional cost for the Oral Health Integration Program – if you qualify, you get reimbursed.

Who qualifies?

If you have a Cigna dental plan, you’re eligible for the program. You must be treated by a doctor for any of the following conditions:

Heart Disease Radiation for head or neck cancers
Parkinson’s Disease Stroke
Diabetes Maternity
Chronic Kidney Disease Organ Transplants
Rheumatoid arthritis Sjogren’s syndrome
Lupus Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Huntington’s disease Opioid misuse and addiction

How to enroll?

To get reimbursed, you first have to enroll in the Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program by either:

  • Going to, selecting Coverage > Dental and filling out the registration form online
  • Calling the number on the back of your Cigna ID card and asking for a mailed registration form

Additional Resources

Program Flyer