Accident Insurance

Voluntary accident insurance provides a range of fixed, lump-sum benefits for injuries resulting from a covered accident.

These benefits are paid directly to the insured and may be used for any reason, from deductibles and prescriptions to transportation and childcare.


Team Members: All Eligible Full-Time Team Members
Dependents: The Team Member must be enrolled to cover dependents

Dependents are:

  • Your legal spouse or your domestic partner. Spouse must be under age 70 at date of application.
  • Your dependent children from birth to 26 years.
  • A person may not have coverage as both a Team Member and Dependent.


Biweekly Premiums

Coverage Premium
You + Spouse/Domestic Partner
You + Child(ren)
You + Family


Schedule of Benefits

Benefits Amount
$300 Ground, $1,500 Air
Blood, Plasma and Platelets
To $1,600 for 2nd degree burns; To $12,800 for 3rd degree burns;
Skin Graft – 25% of benefit payable for Burns
Chiropractic Services (per visit)
$50 per session, 6 sessions maximum
Dental Injury
$300 for Crown; $100 for Extraction
Diagnostic Exams
$200 per CT/MRI scan
To $2,400 for Non-surgical; To $4,800 for Surgical;
Partial – 25% of full dislocation;
Multiple – 100% of highest dislocation benefit
Emergency Treatment
Epidural Anesthesia Injection (per injection)
$200, 2 maximum
Eye Injury
$150 for removal of foreign object, $300 for surgical repair
To $7,500 for Non-surgical; To $15,000 for Surgical repair;
Chip fracture: 25% of nonsurgical benefit; Multiple fractures: 100% of highest sustained fracture
Initial Hospital Admission
Initial Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Hospital Admission
Hospital Confinement (per day)
$300, 365 days maximum
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Confinement (per day)
$600, 30 days maximum
to $800
Lodging (per day)
$150 per day up to 30 days if more than 100 miles from residence
Medical Appliances
Organized Youth Sports Benefit
25% of the benefit amount
$15,000 quadriplegia; $7,500 paraplegia/hemiplegia
Physical Therapy (per session)
$50, 6 sessions maximum
Physician Visit
$150 Initial, $150 Follow-up
$750 for one, $1,500 for two or more
Rehabilitation Facility Confinement (per day)
$100, 30 days maximum
$200 for Exploratory; $600 for Knee Cartilage;
$2,000 for Abdominal or Thoracic; $1,000 for Ruptured Disc;
to $1,200 Tendon, Ligament, or Rotator cuff
$450, if more than 100 miles from residence


  • Portability to Team Member age 70
  • FMLA/MSLA Continuation
  • Newlywed and Newborn Provision
  • 24-hour Travel Assistance Services


Benefits will not be paid for any loss caused by: suicide; war; air travel (except as a passenger on commercial flights); assault/felony; acute or chronic intoxication; voluntary consumption of illegal or controlled substance or prescribed narcotic or drug; or injuries arising out of or in the course of employment for wage or profit.

For a comprehensive list of exclusions and limitations, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate also provides all requirements necessary to be eligible for benefits.

This Plan Highlights is a brief description of the key features of the RSL insurance plan. The availability of the benefits and features described may vary by state. It is not a certificate of insurance or evidence of coverage. Insurance is provided under group policy form LRS-9547-0318, et al.


Contact Team Member Services at 855-432-MIKE (6453), Option 2, about Portability/Conversion information within 31 days of the date your coverage ends. The appropriate forms will be emailed to you.

Portability/Conversion Information

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